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9A W-C Tuscarora Summit

GPS: 39.914748, -77.957221

Contributors Photos

Robert Zinn took photos of 9A W-C McConnellsburg.
He posted them to Google and sent this photo, information and links to what he posted.

(We added a photo filter to bring out the arrow and make it more noticeable)

Google Map Coordinates: N39 54.88568  W077 57.43468

The flight path to the arrow is about 319.23 degrees True N. and comes from the southern beacon located on Highway 16 between Lipton and Mercersburg.  N39 48.15254  W077 49.89090
It appears that the arrow points 284.36 degrees True N. to the Stoystown Beacon located at N40 06.45337  W078 57.61000

360 Photos:
Here are my 360 photos  above the Bent Arrow Beacon that I posted on Google Maps.  Remember to use your mouse to look all around. 

    Video of the Concrete Arrow Beacon


Location / Airway

Location / Name

PENNSYLVANIA:  Fulton / Franklin County

9A W-C Tuscarora Summit site No. 9A on the Washington DC-Chicago airway AKA 9A W-C McConnellsburg,

GPS: 39.914748, -77.957221

Contract Air Mail

CAM #11

Later extended Washington DC to Cleveland
Washington DC to Pittsburg PA section


Clifford Ball
Contract made 27th day of March 1926
"The Path of the Eagle,"


Aerial Photos


The Blue arrow is where you type in the address you want to see. We used the GPS co-ordinates.

The yellow arrow is the time period we wanted.

The red arrow is one of the closest red dots to the location we wanted, it turned to a purple bulls eye after we chose it, and put a thumb nail photo of the area. If you click on the thumb nail it will show a photo of the area, or you can down load the photo.

It is a trial and error process to get to the photo that you need.

These two photos are close-ups clipped from the image franklin_031938_ahf_66_56


NGS Data Sheet PID # JV4768

Designation - Washington Cleveland Awy Bn 9A
PID - JV4768
State/County- Pa/Franklin
Country - US
USGS Quad - Mc Connellsburg (1990)

History - 1935 First Observed CGS
History - 1959 Destroyed CGS
Station Description:
Described by Coast and Geodetic Survey 1959 (DCM)
Station destroyed-tower torn down.

April 4, 1930
The Evening News, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Fri  •  Page 4

Airway No. 1 has been established by the State commission and the Department of Commerce, and has been designated as the Columbus-Philadelphia Route, the cities and towns within Pennsylvania on the route being Washington, Pittsburgh, Indiana, Ebensburg, Hollidaysburg, Altoona, Williamsburg, Newton Hamilton, Blain, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Coatesville and Philadelphia.

Airway No. 2 has been designated as the Cleveland-Washington route and will be operated by the State commission and Federal bureau. The route extends from Beaver Falls, Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Buckstown, Everett, McConnellsburg and State line.

Airway No. 3 will connect with No. 2 and will extend through McConnellsburg, Chambersburg, Gettysburg, York and Lancaster, where it will connect with No. 1 to Philadelphia.

Airway No. 4 will connect with No. 2 at McConnellsburg and extend to Carlisle, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Reading, Allentown and Easton, following the William Perm Highway east from this city. At Easton this route will connect with the New York-Cleveland mail route.

The State commission expects to have No. 2 lane in operation by July 1 and No. 1 by early September. Routes 3 and 4 will be established and maintained exclusively by the State commission, which is now completing surveys of these routes.

The routes to be put in operation during the summer will be lighted by beacons erected and operated by the Department of Commerce. These beacons will be stretched along the lanes at ten-mile intervals, and on Route 1 will be located at Washington, Thompsonville, Pittsburgh Municipal Field, Export, Saltsburg, Jacksonville, Indiana, 'Strongstown, Ebensburg, Cresson, Duncansville, Williamsburg, Marklesburg, Huntingdon, Mt. Union, Newton Hamilton, East Waterford, Blain, Steretts Gap, Harrisburg, Middletown, Elizabethtown, Mt Joy, Lancaster, Compass, Coatesville, Downingtown, West Chester and Philadelphia.

The beacons on Route No. 2 will be at the Ohio State line near East Palestine, Beaver Falls, New Sheffield, Moon Run, Pittsburgh, Irwin, Greensburg, Baggaley, Laurel Ridge, Stoyestown, Buckstown, Grand View, Wills Mountain, Everett, Sideling Hill, McConnellsburg, Tuscarora Summit, Upton and State line at the Maryland line.

The radio beacon system of aerial navigation consists of a series of radio broadcasting stations, established 200 miles apart.

The "beam" or wireless code message, to be more exact, is projected out along the course widening in its path as the distance from the station increased. The signals become fainter as the distance increases, 100 miles being about the Iimit. At this point the signal of the next radio beacon should begin to come in.

Three Signals

The radio beacon sends out three signals continuously. If the pilot is straight on his course, he will hear a succession of long dashes, commonly known as the international code letter "T"; should he stray to the right, the signal will change to a succession of "A's"; should he be bearing to the left, the signal will be the letter "N."

There is another method of reception known as the "Visual Reed." Here an instrument is mounted on the dash board in front of the pilot consisting of an oscillating reed or needle which varies in length to the right or left. When its length remains constant and equal, the plane is on its course. Radio beam broadcasting beacons will be located in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Washington and Hadley Field, N. J.

June 22, 1939
The Fulton Democrat, McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, Thu  •  Page 1


The Aeronautic Division in Washington, D.C. has issued orders that all Aerial Beacons along the old route be removed.  The Beacon which faithfully guided the transport mail plane pilots over Tuscarora Mountain has been taken down, but the beacon on Mt. Parnell still stands unlighted. The airways route has changed to a more southern one averting the Lincoln Highway entirely.


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