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09_33 C-TC College Park

GPS: 44.818900, -92.911797



Location / Airway

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MINNESOTA: Washington County

09_33 C-TC College Park
AKA 09_33 "old" 37 C-TC St. Paul,

GPS: 44.818900, -92.911797

Contract Air Mail

CAM #9 Chicago-Minneapolis
Chicago-Twin Cities Airway


Charles Dickinson
Contract made 11th day of January 1926

Northwest Airways (Inc.)
Contract made 7th day of September 1926


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National Geodetic Survey Data Sheet PID - PP2470

Designation -  Aviation Beacon 33 Old 37
PID -  PP2470
State/County-  MN/Washington
Country -  US
USGS Quad -  St Paul Park (1993)
Station Description

Described by Coast and Geodetic Survey 1934
This station is the center of the revolving white light which is beacon no. 33 on the Milwaukee to St. Paul-Minneapolis airway.  The beacon is about 10 miles southeast of St. Paul, and about 1 mile northeast of Langdon.  The station was not visited for a complete description.  This beacon is not the same as beacon no. 33 observed in 1931.                            

Station Recovery (1940)  Recovery note by Soil Conservation Service 1940 the beacon tower does not show so good on photos, but the concrete direction arrow (not a north arrow) of airway route shows very plainly on photos.  The picture point is the center of concrete arrow on ground.  Center of arrow and base of tower is about 50 feet south of centerline of east-west road, 140 feet northwest of northwest corner of house, and is at north end of orchard.  It is about 1 mile northeast of Langdon, Minn.  Note--the number 37 in large numerals is painted on arrow. The U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey might be in error by naming it beacon 33.   

Station Recovery (1996)  Recovery note by Us Power Squadron 1996 mark not found.

Looking for St. Paul? Look for the giant concrete arrow in Cottage Grove by Mary Devine

While we were on Arrow Quest 2017, Mary Devine from the Twin Cities Pioneer Press called and interviewed us about the arrows.  There are pictures of 33 "old" 37 C-TC St. Paul in the article.



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