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05_24 SL-P Elmore

GPS: 43.065376,-115.558363

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Photos Courtesy of Jeff Stein June 11, 2018

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Location / Airway

Location / Name

IDAHO: Elmore County

Commonly called 24 SL-P, site No. 24, on the Salt Lake-Pasco airway
AKA 05_24 SL-P Elmore

GPS: 43.065376,-115.558363

Contract Air Mail

C.A.M. #5 Salt Lake City-Pasco
Salt Lake-Pasco airway
Salt Lake City-Burley section


Walter T. Varney, Varney Airlines
Contract awarded October 7, 1925
Elko-Pasco airway began April 6, 1926
Reorganized to Salt Lake-Pasco airway, which began October 1, 1926
Sometime after 1934 known as Salt Lake-Pendleton airway


Observations and Notes

Great find Jeff!

Jeff Stein Writes:

It is an easy drive from the Old Oregon Trial Road about a mile on a bumpy road.  I wouldn't take my sports car on the road, but my wife's 2016 Ford Escape did fine.  (My wife loves that SUV, and was very, very disappointed by how dirty it got getting to this arrow.)  From my information, it is open range land. We had to cross a crude fence gate.  I open the gate, closed it and it is kind'a hard to close.  Found the arrow, and did the same routine when we left.  My wife, Rita, asked why I did that when no one was around.  I told her that is the way it is done.   Open a gate and close a gate. 

This arrow has the middle broken up and the parts of the middle randomly dispersed on the tail and point.  I have this as beacon 24.  GPS:
43.065376,-115.558363.  I suspect that like NU1678, the workers didn't want to break up the whole arrow.  That had to be hard work.  The people who leased their land to the government were intitled to have the arrow broken up and removed when the lease was up. 




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