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04_17 LA-SL Solomons Knob

GPS: 35.399638, -115.831278

Location / Airway

Location / Name

Commonly called 17 LA-SL Solomons Knob
AKA Soloman's Knob; Los Angeles to Las Vegas BN 17 CA; Department of Commerce site No. 17 on the Los Angeles to Salt Lake City airway

CALIFORNIA:  San Bernardino County

GPS: 35.399638, -115.831278

Contract Air Mail

CAM #4 Los Angeles-Salt Lake
Los Angeles-Salt Lake airway
Los Angeles-Las Vegas section
Route established April 17, 1926


Western Air Express awarded CAM #4 on November 1925


Observations and Notes

Arrow Quest 2018

We tried to get to this site on June 7, 2018. The road leading to it was very rough. At the point where we were to leave the road, the new track was very soft and sandy. We did not feel comfortable diving where me might get stuck. We did not get close enough to launch the drone and decided to leave this location for someone more adventurous to film. If you make it to this site we would love to feature your photos.

Greg Miyake and Sarah Kim write:

Reaching the Solomons Knob beacon was no easy task. We attempted the hike in September 2015 and after twenty or so minutes of a constant uphill battle upon crumbling, loose rocks in 100F desert heat, we reached the summit. The site itself appeared completely unaltered - no trash, graffiti, or signs of human presence. The only motion at the top came from a mouse that had claimed the old generator shed as it's home and two crows circling high overhead. We did not measure the arrow, but as you can see in the pictures it is intact and appears to be in good condition.


Contributors Photos

Photo contributed by Alex Lucas on June 7, 2018

Photos contributed by Greg Miyake and Sarah Kim on July 20, 2018


U.S. Air Service, Vol. X, No. 11, November 1925, page35:  Five Air Mail Routes Awarded to Private Corporations

Salt Lake City to Los Angeles:  The successful bidder is Western Air Express, Inc., of Los Angeles.

Desert Explorer

Located north of Interstate Highway 15 near Halloran Summit

National Geodetic Survey Data Sheet FS1273


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