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04_13 LA-SL Dunn

GPS: 35.077582, -116.391882

Drone Photos

by Brian Smith-FAA Certified Drone Pilot

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Location / Airway

Location / Name

Commonly called 13 LA-SL Dunn

CALIFORNIA:  San Bernardino County

GPS: 35.077582, -116.391882

Contract Air Mail

CAM #4 Los Angeles-Salt Lake
Los Angeles-Salt Lake airway
Los Angeles-Las Vegas section
Route established April 17, 1926
Western Air Express awarded CAM #4 on November 1925


Observations and Notes

Brian is a FAA licensed drone pilot. We launched the drone from the opposite side of the Freeway and flew toward the hill where the concrete arrow remains were located. We could not find any access to this arrow other than by air.

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U.S. Air Service, Vol. X, No. 11, November 1925, page35:  Five Air Mail Routes Awarded to Private Corporations

Salt Lake City to Los Angeles:  The successful bidder is Western Air Express, Inc., of Los Angeles.

Air Commerce Bulletin Vol. 4, No. 23, June 1, 1933, page 607 & 608

Las Vegas-Salt Lake airway.-Daggett-Las Vegas section: All lights at the following sites on this section of the airway are operated from midnight to sunrise: site 13., 23 miles southwest of Baker, Calif.

The map for this section of the airway is published on page 38 of Airway Bulletin No. 1.

Desert Explorer

Located on ridge line east of Afton Canyon Road and south of Interstate Highway 15

National Geodetic Survey Data Sheet FT1501 Retrieve destroyed datasheet

History - Date Condition Report By
History - 1934 First Observed CGS
History - 1958 See Description CGS
History - 20150116 Destroyed NGS
Described By Coast And Geodetic Survey 1958 (WTJ)
No previous description.
Station lost. The beacon tower has been dismantled.
Station Recovery (2015)
Recovery Note By National Geodetic Survey 2015 (DB)

This report was submitted by BRYAN BAUER.


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