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08_34 SF-S Nugget Butte

GPS: 42.447933, -123.056588

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Photos courtesy of Ken Sargeant July 16, 2018


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Location / Airway

Location / Name

OREGON:  Jackson County

34 SF-S Nugget Butte, site No. 34 on the San Francisco-Seattle airway

GPS: 42.447933, -123.056588

Contract Air Mail

CAM #8 Seattle WA - Los Angeles CA
Pacific Air Transport September 15, 1926
San Francisco-Seattle Airway
Roseburg-Portland Section


Vern C. Gorst awarded CAM #8 on December 31, 1925
Pacific Air Transport subcontraced CAM #8 on March 6, 1926


Observations and Notes

Ken Sargeant writes:

The Nugget Butte Arrow is located on top of Nugget Butte mountain.  The town of Gold Hill Oregon lies at the base of Nugget Butte mountain.  Using Google Maps, I have determined the elevation of Gold Hill is 1100 ft MSL while the elevation of the Nugget Butte Arrow is 2550 ft MSL.

The beacon tower is in good shape and is being used as an anchor for several antenna and satellite dishes.  The arrow is almost totally covered by duff and vegetation.  However, I was able to uncover two small sections of the arrow of the moss and duff, including the tip.  The base is partially obscured.

Access to Nugget Butte Arrow is via a steep dirt road.  The road begins at the end of Gustaf Street just above 6th Ave in Gold Hill.  A locked gate restricts vehicular traffic to city officials and maintenance personnel.  However, the road can be used as a hiking trail and hikers can easily walk around the gate.  Plenty of parking is available along 2nd Ave near Gustaf Street.



Radio Beacon Tower on Zeta Wolf by Gordon R. Durand


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