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3 Arrows and 18 Beacons

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Arranged by CAM Route and Beacon #. This is a work in progress and will be constantly updated as new information is found.

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Arrow and Beacon Photos

Site Location

Airway Bulletin 376; May 29, 1928

Numedia Airport History

Historical Photo Gallery
(Shows a portion of the concrete arrow in one of the photos. This arrow no longer exists, but beacon & shed are here.)

C-NY 60A/59B Numedia

Pennsylvania:  Columbia County

Transcontinental Airway
CAM #17 Chicago-New York
Cleveland-New York airway
National Air Transport (Inc.)

Gps: 40.865833, -76.401105

Photos Courtesy of Dave Gurkin and Chuck Gurkin February 12, 2016

25 C-P Williamsburg

Pennsylvania:  Huntingdon County

CAM #34 Los Angeles-New York
Columbus-Philadelphia Airway
Ebensburg-Philadelphia section
Transcontinental Air Transport, Inc.

Gps: 40.421633, -78.168200

25 C-P Williamsburg


Shunk #16

Pennsylvania:  Sullivan County

unknown airway

Gps: 41.545212, -76.732257


9A W-C McConnelsburg

Pennsylvania:  Fulton/Franklin County

CAM #11 Cleveland-Pittsburg
Washington-Cleveland Airway 
Washington-Pittsburgh Section 

National Geodetic Survey Data Sheet JV4768

Gps: 39.914748, -77.957221



South Mountain

beacon #3 unknown airway

Pennsylvania:  Adams County

GPS: 39.906933, -77.436393


Altoona-Blair County Airport

Pennsylvania:  Blair County

unknown airway

Gps: 40.295953, -78.324448



Bedford County Airport

Pennsylvania:  Bedford County

Cam #11 Washington-Cleveland Airway 
Washington-Pittsburgh Section
Skyline Transportation Company

Gps: 40.082088, -78.511828


Butler-Graham Airport

Pennsylvania:  Butler County

Pittsburgh-Erie airway

gps: 40.779259, -79.949122


Carlisle Airport

Pennsylvania:  Cumberland County

unknown airway

Gps: 40.188946, -77.167953


Chambersburg Municipal

Pennsylvania:  Franklin County

unknown airway

Gps: 39.971678, -77.647972



Connellsville Airport

Pennsylvania:  Fayette County

unknown airway

Gps: 39.960673, -79.654293


Jimmy Stewart Airport

Pennsylvania: Indiana County

unknown Airway

Gps: 40.632698, -79.100791


35 C-P Lancaster DOCILF

Pennsylvania:  Lancaster County

CAM #34
Columbus-Philadelphia airway
Ebensburg- Philadelphia section
Western Air Express (Inc.) and Transcontinental Air Transport (Inc.)

Gps: 40.118825, -76.299070


Mid State Airport

Pennsylvania:  Centre County

unknown airway

Gps: 40.886574, -78.084767



Mifflin County

Pennsylvania:  Mifflin County

unknown airway

Gps: 40.676984, -77.622783


Pocono Mountains Municipal

Pennsylvania:  Monroe County

unknown airway

Gps: 41.138358, -75.373991


Quakertown Airport

Pennsylvania:  Bucks County

unknown airway

Gps: 40.436098, -75.380603


Rostraver Airport

Pennsylvania:  Westmoreland County

unknown airway

Gps: 40.206747, -79.833717


Somerset County Airport

Pennsylvania:  Somerset County

unknown airway

Gps: 40.040380, -79.015781


Washington County Airport

Pennsylvania:  Washington County

unknown airway

Gps: 40.135187, -80.289297


York County Airport

Pennsylvania: York County

unknown airway

Gps: 39.922652, -76.878047


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