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U. S. Air Mail Time Line

Date Event Location
February 17, 1911 First Official Airmail: Petaluma CA to Santa Rosa CA
Fred Wiseman

Sepember 23, 1911

1st Air Mail Pilot Sworn:  Airplane Station No. 1 established by the United States Goverment during the International Aviation Meet of 1911

Garden City Estates, New York
Earl L. Ovington

Sepember 17, 1911 to November 5, 1911

1st Transcontiental Air Mail flight: Carried mail from one stop to the next stop (actual flying time was 84 hours)

Sheepshead, New York to Pacific Ocean
Calbraith Perry Rodgers

May 15, 1918

1st U.S. Government Airmail Service:  Army pilots fly the mail

Washington DC-New York City NY- Philadelphia PA
Stephen Bonsal

Howard P Culver
Walter Miller
Torrey H Webb

George L Boyle
James C Edgerton

September 8, 1920 1st Regular Transcontinental Service:  Mail flies by day, transported by train at night

New York to San Francisco

  1st Night Flight