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Ely Airport

Location / Airway

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Commonly called Ely Airport
Also known as Yelland Field
gps: 40.927868, -114.294452

Aeronautical Bulletin No. 199 State Series, page 2, April 1, 1924

Ely.—Emergency; 3000 by 800 feet; good in dry weather; altitude 6,200 feet; prevailing wind, north and south; gas and oil delivered; located 5 miles northeast of town; packing pland and plant of Standard Oil Co., 2 miles southwest of city.

Airway Bulletin No. 2, page 95, June 1, 1933

Ely.—Yelland Airport, municipal, rating, auxiliary airport. Three miles E. of center of Ely; one half mile East of E. Ely; Lincoln Highway on W.; railroad to S. Altitude, 6,420 feet. Rectangular, 2,600 by 800 feet, decomposed granite, level, natural drainage; one landing strip, NE./SW., 2,600 feet, entire field available.  ELY, and N. arrow, on hangar roof.  Pole lines on W. and S.; Hangar and administration building in SW corner; buildings to S.  Aviation fuel, day only.

Air Commerce Bulletin Vol. 04, No. 24, page 624, June 15, 1933

Ely, Nev.—Yelland Airport, the municipal landing field 3 miles east of Ely, in latitude 39° 16', longitude 114° 60', is again available for use. Altitude, 6,420 feet. Lincoln Highway on west; railroad, oil, and packing plants south. Hangar 60 by 50 by 16 feet. Fuel.

Airway Bulletin No.2, page 107, September 1, 1934

Ely.—Yelland Airport, municipal, rating, auxiliary airport. Three and three fourth miles N. of center of Ely; U.S. Highway No. 50 is 500 feet E.; railroad to S. and E. Altitude, 6,480 feet. T shape, decomposed granite, level, natural and artificial drainage; two landing strips, 4,000 by 300 feet N/S and E/W.  Circular hob at intersection of landing strips.  YELLAND AIRPORT on hangar roof.  Pole lines S. of N/S landing strips and E. of NE/SW landing strip; buildings and hangar in SW corner; buildings to S.  Aviation fuel in city.

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