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32 LA-SL Mormon Mesa

GPS: 36.796807, -114.246536

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Location / Airway

Location / Name

NEVADA: Clark County

32 LS-SL Mormon Mesa, commonly called Mormon Mesa #32, site No. 32 on the Los Angeles-Salt Lake airway
AKA 33 LA-SL, 30 LA-SL

GPS: 36.796807, -114.246536

Contract Air Mail

CAM #4 Los Angeles-Salt Lake
Route established April 17, 1926
Las Vegas-New Harmony Section
U.S. Navigation Map #133 Las Vegas Nv to Milford UT


Western Air Express awarded CAM #4 on November 1925


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Observations and Notes


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This photo shows the various names given to this beacon.  On the 1929 map it was 33, 1930 map it was 33, 1935 map it was 30.

In the strip maps it was 30 in 1931, and 1932.

The Mormon Mesa #30 Arrow is fairly close to the southbound lanes of I-15.  Upon leaving Las Vegas we drove northbound on I-15 and exited at SR-170.  Crossing over the freeway we then drove southbound for 1.5 miles before pulling into a ‘truck pull-out’ alongside the freeway.  The dirt road to the arrow begins at the pullout.  There was no gate at this location.  The drive to the arrow is 2 miles. The dirt road is level but very rocky.  Four-wheel drive was not necessary, but our top speed was barely 5 miles mph. 

The arrow is complete and in good condition.  The arrow is 58 feet in length.

The pilot would approach the tail of the arrow on a compass heading of 84° (E), and then exit the arrow on a compass heading of 84° (E).

(All measurements and compass headings are approximate).


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Submitted by Corbin Van  Nes



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