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In this section of Brian’s Eye, I have compiled photography tips in areas that I thought would be of interest to people.  I have divided the photography tips into three main sections, as you can see from the menu list on the left side of this page.
They cover: Photography Tips,   How To Photograph, and Types of Filters.

The Photography Tips section provides basic information on each of the subjects listed beneath it. In the ‘Quick Tips’ sub-section I have listed twelve photography tips that I have personally come up with and used over the years.

The How To Photograph section is basic information on photographing people, animals, flowers, and landscapes.

The Types of Filters section gives basic information on what each of these four different types of filters do.

• To access each individual page, just click on the ‘sub-titles’ that are listed beneath the three main headings.

• Each individual page will also have the ‘side-menu’ on it. This way you won’t have to return to this index page in order to access the other sub-titles.

• I hope that everyone will find some useful information within my Photo Tips section.

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