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  Photographing Flowers  


  Quick Tips
  Shutter Release
  Depth of Field
  Using Flash
  Law for Photographers
  Graduated Filters
  Neutral Density Filters
  Polarizing Filters
  UV Haze Filters




  • We all look at flowers from ‘overhead’.  Instead of shooting from an overhead position, get the camera down to the level of the flower itself.  If you are down on the ground itself, this is where the beanbag comes in real handy, as mentioned earlier.  Use a shutter release cable.
  • Think of your aperture & shutter speed.  A large aperture (smaller f-stop number) will focus primarily on the flower and blur out the background.  If you want the entire field of flowers in focus, then use a small aperture (larger f-stop number). 
  • If you’re shooting outside, be aware of the wind.  The least little breeze can blur out a flower.  Think of the shutter speed.  A fast shutter speed will produce a sharp picture.  You don’t want to get back home and find that all your work is blurred due to a slight breeze that you thought would not affect your shot.
  • If you don’t have a macro lens or a close-up lens, a zoom lens will work just as good. 
  • Use your imagination when shooting flowers.  Take advantage of the available light.   In the early morning & late afternoon the light is softer.  Cloudy & overcast days, or after a rain will also present a different perspective.
  • Carry a small spritz bottle filled with water and spray the flower before shooting..  The subsequent results can be quite pleasing.

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