Selasphorus rufus


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Identify Immature Rufous Hummingbirds

3.5 to -4" medium sized hummingbird.  Immature's are very much like adult females.  Females have bright golden green backs their crowns are a bronzy greenish to olive color. The gorget is heavily spangled with bronzy green speckles. They often have a iridescent red center patch on their throats.  There is often a rufus tinge to the lower rump continuing into the tail feathers. There is a band of black on R3-R5 followed by a white tip. R2 is slightly notched with rufous green and black, in immature males R1 has more rufous. . They have a white collar extending into the chest area and then blending with rufous which extends along the sides up into the back. Age is also a determining factor on their appearance.

Immature Rufous Hummingbird Photos