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  • The built-in flash in your camera will almost always give you harsh lighting and dark shadows where you don’t want them.  If you’re going to be doing a lot of flash photography, invest in an external flash unit.  These however can get pricey.  With the external units though you can direct the flash so it bounces of the ceiling or walls and not directly off your subject.  By doing this, it will produce a softer and more diffused light.
  • There are two ways that you can attach the external flash to your camera.
    1. The first is to attach it directly to the hot-shoe of your camera.
    2. The second is to use a 'flash bracket'.  The flash bracket attaches to the bottom of the camera, and then the flash itself attaches to the bracket. This will allow you to redirect your flash to where you want it, instead of it being in a fixed position, as it would be if it were attached directly to your camera.
  • A number of external units also come with built-in diffusers that will soften the flash even further. 
  • A flash diffuser that attaches to the flash unit itself is another good way to go.  These are made out of a translucent material, and are fairly inexpensive to purchase.  There are all different makes & types of attachable diffusers.  They now have a difuser made of this translucent material that slips over the pop-up flash.
  • Another trick you can use to soften the flash with a pop-up flash is to get a ‘ping-pong ball’, slice it half-way thru, and then slide it over the flash.  Now you have an instant diffuser.
  • Again, just take a lot of photographs using flash in different types of situations, and then you will begin to see what works and what doesn’t.

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