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42 SL-O Westedt

GPS: 41.164781, -104.674513

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Location / Airway

Location / Name

WYOMING: Laramie County

42 SL-O Westedt, site No. 42 Salt Lake City-Omaha Airway
AKA Archer, site No. 42 Salt Lake-Omaha Airway

GPS: 41.164781, -104.674513

Transcontinental Airway

Route established September 8, 1920

Pilots Log February 21, 1921

Between Archer Wy and Cheyenne WY

OMA + 499. Archer Wyo. — A small town on the Union Pacific Railroad and 8 miles from Cheyenne.

OMAHA TO CHEYENNE 458. Cheyenne.-Can be identified by the barracks of Ft Russell. The Cheyenne field is three-quarters of a mile due north of the town and due north of the capitol building, whose gilded dome is unmistakable. The field though rolling is very large and landing may be made from any direction. A pilot landing here for the first time must "watch his step", as the rarified atmosphere at this altitude (6,000 feet) makes rough landings the rule rather than the exception.

Night Airmail

Flights started on July 1, 1924

Contract Air Mail

CAM #18 San Francisco CA-Chicago IL
Salt Lake City-Omaha airway
Medicine Bow-Sidney Section
18_42 SL-O Westedt


Boeing Air Transport awarded CAM #18 on January 28, 1927
Route established July 1, 1927


Drone Photos


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Observations and Notes

April 9, 2014

Location of this arrow given by Tom Johnson

May 8, 2014 Arrow Quest 2014

The Westedt Site is located just east of Cheyenne, Wyoming, approximately 2 miles north of Hwy 30.  It is located in an agricultural area. The tail of the arrow is approximately 30 feet from the road, while arrow points out across a large field away from the road..

The arrow is in very poor condition.  The 5 main portions of the arrow have broken apart from each other, and have begun settling into the ground.  The point of the arrow is missing. It had stopped raining just before we got there, so it was a muddy trek out to the arrow.  There was even mud covering most of the arrow.  Due to the muddy & wet ground, no measurements were taken. 

The pilot would approach the tail of the arrow on a compass heading of 80° (basically East), and then exit the arrow on a compass heading of 80°.
(All measurements and compass headings are approximate).

June 25, 2018 Arrow Quest 2018

Flew the drone at this location. It was very windy and made flying the drone here difficult.





Domestic Air News, Serial No. 48, page 23, Stanford University Green Library, basement stack W-158; C23.9:6-32, March 15, 1929

Archer, WY: Site 42, 24” 2,000,00 c.p. electric beacon, rotating 6 r.p.m., Long. 104° 39’ 15”, Lat. 41° 09’ 44”, Alt. 5800’.  (Intermediate fields and beacons have been placed in operation on the following sites of the Salt Lake-Omaha airway.)


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