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14 AM-KC Fargo

GPS: 36.360148, -99.592261

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OKLAHOMA:  Woodward County

14 AM-KC Fargo, site No.14 on the Amarillo-Kansas City airway

GPS: 36.360148, -99.592261

Contract Air Mail

CAM #34 Los Angeles-New York
Amarillo-Kansas City airway


Transcontinental (TAT) & Western Air


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Observations and Notes

The Fargo beacon site is located in a large prairie just outside the small town of Fargo Ok.  Out in this area all the side county roads are well maintained dirt roads.  From looking at Google Earth prior to our arrival, we saw that there was a ranch house and out-buildings located next to the access road leading to the arrow. 

However, when we got there we noticed that all the buildings were rundown and abandoned.  The dirt road leading out to the arrow was in fairly good condition, and 4-wheel drive was not needed.  When I started hiking out to the arrow, I then realized that the gps coordinates that I had entered were wrong.  They indicated that the arrow was several hundred miles east of me.  I then had to walk back & forth across the field where I knew the arrow was before I finally found it.

The base portion of the arrow was in very bad condition, with only a few outside edges remaining.  The rest of the arrow was in good conditions, but with high grass surrounding it. 

The arrow is 55 feet in length and points in an E-NE direction.  The pilot would approach on a heading of 69° and exit on a heading of 69°.



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