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30_3 A-C Allatoona Dam

GPS: 34.137539, -84.728844

Location / Airway

Location / Name

GEORGIA: Bartow County

3 A-C Allatoona Dam, site No. 3 on the Atlanta-Chicago airway.
AKA 4 A-C Allatoona Dam, site No. 4 on the Atlanta-Chicago airway; Waterside Estates Airmail Arrow

GPS: 34.137539, -84.728844

Contract Air Mail

C.A.M. #30 Atlanta-Chicago
Atlanta-Chicago airway
Atlanta-Nashville section


Interstate Airlines (Inc.); Route: Chicago, Illinois, via designated points, to Atlanta, Georgia and return. Contract made 9th day of August 1928


Contributors Photos

Photos contributed by Michael Suter 2017





Photos contributed by Nick Gerlich on July 18, 2019

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Observations and Notes

National Geodetic Survey Sheet PID EE1781

Station Description
Described by Coast and Geodetic Survey 1941 (JSM)
This intersection station is the center of the revolving light on top of the steel quadripod tower.  In addition to the revolving light, there are two fixed lights on the tower which show along the direction of the air course.  This beacon is no. 3 on the route from Atlanta, Ga., To Nashville, Tenn.  It is about 5 miles SE of Cartersville, Ga.
This station was not visited.

Facebook conversation about Georgia arrow:

David Wilkins Emerson,

GA northwest of Atlanta. It is located in a gated community off I-75.

Hugh Harrington

Do you have a GPS or specific location identification?

Concrete Arrows and Beacons

ATLANTA NASHVILLE AWY BCN 3 is on Arrow Mountain Dr. SE (gps: 34.137539, -84.728844) , it looks like there may be something there, can you confirm that it is an arrow?

Hugh Harrington

Looking at earlier google earth photos - look at 4/8/2010 image. It appears to me to me an arrow pointing to the NW. The GPS coordinates come down exactly in the center square. What do you think?

Concrete Arrows and Beacons

It looks like an arrow to me in the 2010 image, and is pointing in the right direction. This arrow is on C.A.M. 30 Atlanta-Chicago on the Atlanta-Nashville section and is probably site #4 on the strip map: 
Airway bulletin. no. 1-2. 1931-38.

David Wilkins

Correct location Concrete Arrows and Beacons and intact

July 18, 2019 Nick Gerlich writes:

This one near Allatoona Dam (Georgia, on the CHI-ATL Airway) is in a gated community. The gate was open, so we made ourselves at home. This is a very cool arrow, because there are information signs along the trail to access it. 



Waterside Estates History

As you drive through Waterside you will see a street named Arrow Mountain Drive. On that mountain is a large concrete arrow pointing north. It was placed there to give early aviators a visual indicator of which way was north...


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