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Giant Concrete Arrows, Where, Why?

These giant arrows helped guide the pilots of early airmail flights across the nation. 

They were at the base of beacon lights and in the early days painted Chrome Yellow.

They pointed to the next higher numbered beacon directing the pilot along his route.

What On Earth?
February 16, 2016
Large arrows in America's Badlands

Our DVR is set to record the segment we filmed in Nevada last August.

On Feb 16, 2016, the Science channel will broadcast What On Earth?

Series/Special: A satellite finds a set of large arrows in the badlands of the American West.

Check your local directory for time and channel.

Photos taken filming the TV Show "What On Earth?" August 24, 2015

  "Every so often, a hiker or a backpacker will run across something puzzling: a large concrete arrow, as much as seventy feet in length, just sitting in the middle of scrub-covered America."

After recieving an email with the above statement I set out to find where they were located.  (click to view the email)

I have found over 115 so far and am looking for more.  This is a work in progress and as new "finds" are made I will enter the information. 

If you know of a concrete arrow or have photos that you would like to share (make sure they are not copyrighted), I will add them so that others may also enjoy these historical artifacts.   

Today most of these historical arrows are long forgotten. 

I have created this site to showcase these early navigational aids, in the hope that they will be remembered and taken care of.  Many are badly deteriorated and falling apart.  Some have been vandalized by inconsiderate graffiti artist.  Most have just been bull dozed away to create room for parking lots and housing developements.

Happy Exploring. 

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