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24_08 C-C Shelbyville DOCILF

GPS: 39.5767900,  -85.7996830

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Location / Airway

Location / Name

INDIANA: Shelby County

Department of Commerce intermediate landing field, site No. 8, Cincinnati-Chicago Airway; 8 C-C
AKA Shelbyville Municipal Airport (KGEZ)

GPS: 39.5767900,  -85.7996830

Contract Air Mail

C.A.M. #24 Cincinnati OH-Chicago IL
Chicago-Cincinnati airway


Contract made 17th day of November 1927 to Embry-Riddle Co.; Route: Chicago, Illinois, via Indianapolis, Indiania, to Cincinnati, Ohio and return.


Contributors Photos

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Bily June 24, 2014

Photos Courtesy of Phil Brooks Fall 2014 & April 24, 2016

Observations and Notes

June 23, 2017

We arrived at the Shelbyville Municipal Airport in the midst of pouring rain and unbelievable tragedy. Darrell F. Schrader airport manager for 40 years passed away early June 22, 2017. Our deepest sympathy goes out to his loved ones.

Darrell F. Schrader Obituary



Airway Bulletin No. 1150

1930 US Airway Map No. 114, Cincinatti OH to Chicago IL

1930 Air Navigation Map No. 52 Dayton OH to Belleville IL (revised 1933)

Description Date Publication / Internet
Shelbyville, Ind. (C-C Site 8).—The Intermediate Field, approximately 3 ¾ miles airline north of Shelbyville, is now available for landing. Boundary and wind cone lights are in operation. July 1, 1929 Air Commerce Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 1, page 317
Shelbyville. Ind. (C-C Site No. 8).—The course lights at this intermediate landing field, located approximately 3 ¾ miles airline north of Shelbyville, are now flashing a green characteristic: Dash, dot, dot, dot ( . . .), instead of yellow. June 2, 1930 Air Commerce Bulletin Vol. 1 No. 23, page 52
SHELBYVILLE, IND. Name: Site 8, Cincinnati-Chicago Airway (C-C).
Class: Intermediate. Rating. Owner, Melvin Bassett, Shelbyville, Ind.; operator. Department of Commerce.
Position: Lat. 39° 33' 45", long. 85° 47' 56"; alt. above sea level, 768'; mag. var., 0° 42' E. 1930: annual decrease, 3'. Distance and direction from city, 3 ½ miles N.
Description: Size, see sketch; acres, 46; shape, L. Surface, sod; gradient, level; drainage, tile. Landing strips, 2, N./S. 2,000' x 700', E./W. 1,880' x 500'. Low to ME. corner. Marking thereof, none.
Obstructions: Low pole line on E.; beacon tower in SE. corner; fence surrounds field except on N. Marking (day), tower yellow and black striped. Lighting, red on E. and S.
Marking and identification: Standard 50' yellow circle, at intersection of strips. Name on hangar or in field, none. Other marking, arrow with site number. Wind-direction indicator, illuminated cone on beacon tower.
Lighting: Beacon, 24" rotating, 6 r. p. m., 2,000,000 c. p., operated from dusk to dawn. Boundary lights, surround field. Approach lights, 6 green; at ends of landing strips. Flood lights for landing, none. Other lighting, none.
Accommodations: Personnel for servicing, yes. Landing fee, none; storage, none. Hangars, none. Repair facilities, none; spares, none. Specification fuel and oil, yes. Guard, yes; fire apparatus, extinguishers. Quarters, in city; meals, in city. Transportation to city, taxi. First aid, none. Mooring mast, none.
Communication and signal equipment: Telephone, yes; telegraph, by phone. Radio, none. Register for arrival and departure of aircraft, yes.
November 18, 1930 Airway Bulletin No. 1150,
page 2
1150. Shelbyville, Ind. (Recently compiled or revised Airway Bulletins listed below are now on the press and will be ready for distribution after the expiration of 30 days:) December 15, 1930 Air Commerce Bulletin Vol. 2 No. 12, , page 317
Shelbyville, Indiana, page 52.—Department of Commerce intermediate field, site 8, Cincinnati-Chicago Airway. Three and one-half miles N. of city. Altitude, 708 feet, L-shape, 46 acres, sod, level, tile drainage; two landing strips, N./S., 2.000 by 700 feet, E./W., 1,880 by 500 feet; entire field available; low to NE. corner. Directional arrow marked "8 C-C." Pole line on B.; beacon tower in SB, corner. Beacon boundary, approach, and obstruction lights. Beacon, 24-inch rotating, with green course lights flashing characteristic "8" (_...). Aviation fuel, day and night. September 1, 1931

Airway Bulletin No. 2
page 52

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